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We're passionate about creating incredible experiences while simultaneously opening the doors to the latest, quality opportunities in the heart of the Mediterranean.



Hannah Kathleen is a recognised multi-award winning blogger, singer/ songwriter and passionate entrepreneur; and the Founder of the brand agency, iGen Creative. 


As an entrepreneur, she has travelled internationally to conduct workshops in countries such as the US and Germany, on the topics of next-generation digital marketing, brand design and personal development. 


She is also the co-organiser of The Stimulus Summit: a virtual conference educating entrepreneurs globally, with former speakers including Sharon Lechter (co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Les Brown (leading motivational speaker).

Recognising the opportunities available in North Cyprus, she launched iGen Investments to share the beauty of the island with more freedom seeking minds.



Eylem Sakir is North Cyprus' leading legal expert and founder of Privileged Estates and Investments, helping individuals and corporate bodies on their investment journey, as well as creating entities. 

Whether you are an individual or a family looking for a holiday home in Cyprus, investing with Privileged Estates & Investments to find the perfect holiday home property will give you one of the best opportunities. Not only this also you will have the opportunity  to produce passive income through the tourist trade and industry side in Cyprus by renting through Privileged Estates and Investments.

If you are an investor looking for high return on your investment, Privileged Estates & Investments is fully equipped to deliver the best investment opportunities backed by an all-inclusive-service to inform the investor of the critical details they need to be aware of and options of properties with high return on investment, yield and capital appreciation. Their experts are fully equipped with the knowledge and can give you tailored made services.

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Susanne Rey is a trailblazing entrepreneur and speaker, as the founder of Rey Consulting and Deutsche Community North Cyprus.


With Rey Consulting, she revitalizes the way in which companies manage their strategic development, sales & communication, so results can be achieved faster & more efficiently.

Having inspired thousands around the world through her speeches in cities including Sydney, Los Angeles and Dublin, she is on a mission to empower individuals to live life on their own terms.

Visiting North Cyprus for the first time in 2018, she fell in love with all the island has to offer; from the finest cuisine to the welcoming people; and decided to make it her home.

Since then, Susanne has been developing a community of inspired leaders on the island and showcasing the investment opportunities to oversees investors.

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